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Feb 04 2021

Why the Word “Equity” Should Terrify

If there is a word even scarier than “disinformation” when wielded by liberals, it is “equity.” It gets heavy use by apparatchiks in the Biden Administration. Ben Shapiro explains why it is frightening:

Equity, in the common political parlance, means that each group should receive the same outcome as every other group.

The “chief expositor” of racial equity is Ibram X. Kendi, whom we encountered earlier when he was paid $333/minute by a public school to fill children’s heads with toxic bile, when he denounced Amy Coney Barrett for committing “colonialism” by adopting Haitian children, and when leftist oligarch Jack Dorsey gifted him $10 million to promote racist — i.e., “antiracist” — ideology.

Kendi explains in his massive bestseller, “How to Be an Antiracist”: “A racist policy is any measure that produces or sustains racial inequity between racial groups. An antiracist policy is any measure that produces or sustains racial equity between racial groups.” And, says Kendi, “There is no such thing as a nonracist or race-neutral policy.” All policies either forward equity or oppose it. Any policy not explicitly designed to rectify unequal outcome is therefore racist.

“Antiracism” is a truly totalitarian ideology. Nothing is permitted that is not designed to benefit blacks.

Note that individual liberty is a policy that sustains racial inequity. Therefore, it is racist and must be abolished.

This philosophy is both idiotic and perverse. It’s idiotic because all human groupings — literally all of them — will result in differential outcomes. Draw a line down the middle of any room in random fashion and the result will be unequal income distribution, criminal records, educational histories. When culture takes a hand, disparities can be more deeply rooted than random chance.

On the contrary, as a tool to inflict authoritarianism, antiracism is not idiotic at all. It provides a permanent pretext to exert absolute control over every aspect of society.

America was rooted in equality and freedom. Equity requires freedom to be curbed. It’s therefore a national tragedy to watch equality of rights abandoned in favor of equity. If freedom is discarded to achieve equality of outcome, we no longer live in an America defined by the Declaration of Independence.

We live in an America defined by tribalism and leveling — and, in short order, tyranny.

That is the point of antiracism (a.k.a. critical race theory, cultural Marxism, political correctness) and of the Democratic Party.

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