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Aug 15 2020

No, COVID-19 Is Not as Bad as Spanish Flu

Shrieks the CNBC headline:

Scientists Say the Coronavirus Is at Least as Deadly as the 1918 Flu Pandemic

That’s scary, because the Spanish Flu was a big deal. Fortunately, the ChiCom virus is not even in the same league.

Thanks to herd immunity finding its way around the lockdowns, COVID-19 appears to have done its worst, so we can make comparisons based on facts rather than models. Once again, Tony Heller counters the hysterical propaganda with dispassionate data:

They want us to be afraid for political reasons. Therefore, they tell us things that will make us afraid.

Everywhere you look, our culture is in a state of decline, due to corrosion by aggressive leftism. America’s scientific achievements have been a key part of its greatness. These achievements will fade into the past if we allow science to become politicized.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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