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Jan 24 2023

No More Woke M&M Spokescandies for Now

The people at Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance aren’t the only ones to have to walk back their moonbattery. Unfortunately for the woke panderers running Mars Inc., makers of M&M’s, they can’t claim to be parody:

Earlier this month, M&M’s creator Mars announced “all-female” candy wrappers to honor women who are “flipping the status quo.” The feminist-forward candy wrappers exclusively displayed M&M’s female characters: the green, brown and most recently introduced purple M&M. In addition to featuring only the three female M&M’s on the wrappers, each package in the limited run was expected to include only the corresponding green, brown and purple candy-coated chocolates.

“Inclusion” means excluding those who don’t belong to favored groups. This includes (or should I say, excludes) male candies.

The move was the most recent in a series of marketing moves M&M’s has made to promote inclusivity. Its previous announcement involved the introduction of the purple female M&M who represents body positivity and self-acceptance.

At least you can see why a candy company would want to promote the currently fashionable (among moonbats) notion that it is good to be obese.

The principle “get woke, go broke” appears to be forcing Mars Inc. to step back:

M&M’s dropped bittersweet news on Monday, announcing that the “beloved spokescandies” are too polarizing and that the cartoon chocolates would be put on an “indefinite pause” after widespread backlash to recent changes that were widely considered “woke.”

M&M’s announced that the spokescandies will be replaced by “the beloved Maya Rudolph,” formerly of the left-wing propaganda platform Saturday Night Live, so as to appeal not only to moonbats.

Some suspect this is not a rejection of wokeness but a setup for an irritating stunt in the company’s Super Bowl ad, which might look something like this:

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