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Jan 24 2023

Was Call to Erase “Natural Woman” Parody or Not?

Not even being a beloved cultural icon and black is a defense against trans bullies when they have decided their agenda calls for your work to be erased:

No one and nothing get R-E-S-P-E-C-T from trans militants.

Moonbats have finally answered Matt Walsh’s famous question, “What is a woman?” A woman is something that does not exist. Say otherwise and you have committed thoughtcrime.

“Acts of harm against transgender women” means “thoughts not complying with the ideology of men who present themselves as tasteless parodies of creatures that do not exist.”

Hold on — the Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance feed now claims to be satire:

The account … changed its bio information sometime Monday afternoon to read: “PARODY/SATIRE: Founded January 2023 exclusively by trans individuals, promoting cultural changes to ensure the inclusivity of trans individuals.”

But is it really satire?

That is a direct contradiction to a now-deleted tweet in which they claimed it was not a parody account.

Moonbattery is not easy to tell apart from parody. This makes for a convenient out when moonbats realize they have overstepped in their headlong rush into lunacy. Even now, they can sometimes hear us laughing at them inside their insular bubble of sick ideology and find it expedient to step back.

Daily Mail examines other TCMA output:

‘There have been zero meaningful studies into the gender identities of pets,’ one post published later in the day read, in which organizers told parents that children should be able to decide on their pets’ gender.

‘It seems meaningless, but many children learn gender from their pets,’ organizers wrote. ‘Just because you bring home a “gendered” pet, allow your child to choose the gender of the pet – don’t assign it one “at will.”‘

In another regarding feminine hygiene, organizers wrote: ‘You do not need to bleed to have a period. You do not need to ovulate to have a period.

‘A period is a state of mind than an actual state of being,’ the post went on to state, before stating that biological men who have transitioned ‘can absolutely have periods and need free hygiene products.’

Can anyone tell this apart from what kids are being taught at school? Maybe we can get the satire experts at the Babylon Bee to weigh in.

Inspiring acts of harm against the sexually deranged.

On tips from Jack D, Ed McAninch, and Gringoman.


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