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Dec 02 2022

No Murder Charge for Murder During Holdup

If you take up armed robbery as a profession, do it in California. That way, if a clerk gives you trouble and you have to kill him, you won’t be charged with murder.

Gas station clerk James Williams, age 36, was shot and killed in a holdup in Antioch in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

[A] man with a gun confronted Williams, who then pulled out a weapon of his own.

Authorities say the suspect ran out of the store – dropping stolen cigar packages – and was a good distance away when Williams shot and wounded the suspect.

That suspect, Ronald Jackson Jr., 20, fell to the ground. Williams continued shooting and that’s when Jackson allegedly returned fire, killing Williams.

Jackson is not being charged with murder because under the law, the killing could be considered self-defense.

Only in a world run by moonbats can you plead self-defense after pulling a gun to commit a robbery.

In contrast, if you pull a gun because a burglar is trying to kill you by bashing your head against the sidewalk, liberals will screech that you are not entitled to defend yourself because you are a racist white Hispanic. George Zimmerman can provide details.

Jackson should have robbed an Apple store instead. He wouldn’t have needed a gun. Elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, a few hours earlier,

Employees at an Apple store in Palo Alto, California stood and watched while two masked thieves casually ransacked the outlet, stealing $35,000 in iPhones, iPads, and laptops on Black Friday while shoving startled customers out of the way.

The employees moved customers aside and told them not to interfere. Apple employees are a woker breed than clerks at the Extra Mile mini-mart in Antioch.

Will we get enough of this and stand up like James Williams? Or will we stand by like Apple employees as we watch looters (especially the elected kind) strip civilization bare?

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