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Dec 17 2023

North African Torches Nativity Scene in Italian Church

The Christmas spirit of Europe’s Islamic conquerors isn’t limited to beating up Santa Claus. Festivities also include setting fire to nativity scenes — and the churches that house them.

From Italy:

On Friday afternoon, the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Santa Elisabetta di Villastanza, a district of the municipality of Parabiago, was badly damaged by an arson fire.

The flames are said to have started from the nativity scene housed in the church building, which was set alight by a man of North African origin who then fled from the church on foot…

The nativity scene caused large flames and smoke, which damaged the wooden parts and a 17th century organ.

The organ will not be the last treasure of European heritage to be damaged.

As Mayor Raffaele Cucchi observes,

“This is an attack on our traditions, our religion and our culture.”

That is the most likely motive not only of the vandal but of the leftists who imported millions like him, knowing they have no intention of assimilating into a culture they despise and have been waging a war of eradication against for the past 1,400 years.


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