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Dec 21 2023

German Climate Kooks Defile Christmas Trees

The Muslim colonists who torch and behead nativity scenes aren’t the only ones in Germany lacking the Christmas spirit. There are also the climate kooks:

German climate protesters defiled Christmas trees in seven different cities [last] Wednesday, spraying them orange in the name of climate activism.

Thou shalt have no gods before the global warming hoax, shriek the deranged moonbats:

“Amidst the flashing lights, shiny jewelry and festive atmosphere, it’s easy to forget: We’re racing full speed towards catastrophe and our governments are failing miserably to pull the emergency brake in Dubai,” a woman proclaimed in German in a video.

The reference is to COP28, to which globalists flew in private jets from every corner of the world to discuss how to impose authoritarianism and radically reduce our standard of living in the name of the supposedly imperiled climate.

The level of malice and psychosis presented by the climate cult is alarming. The scariest part is that a likeminded kook was in Dubai representing the US government.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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2 Responses to “German Climate Kooks Defile Christmas Trees”

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