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Dec 08 2020

Okay to Wrestle but Not to Shake Hands

How insanely arbitrary are ChiCom virus restrictions? Consider the recent decrees of the Ohio High School Athletic Association regarding the ultimate close contact sport, wrestling:

[S]tudent-athletes are permitted to wrestle, but must refrain from handshakes before and after the match.

Wrestlers are also required to wear facial coverings off the mat when not actively competing or warming up.

No need for a mask while your opponent is panting wetly into your face, but you have to wear one on the bench while observing a 6′ distance from your teammates.

Coronavirus dictates are gestures, like the pointless yet often extravagantly expensive measures ostensibly intended to make the climate stop fluctuating. They serve to signal dominance, submission, and that those in charge are “doing something” about a situation they cannot control.

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