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Feb 23 2024

Journalist/Terrorist Yousef Masoud Gets Polk Award

Remember Yousef Masoud? He was among the journalists embedded with terrorists or rather terrorists posing as journalists who took part in the crimes against humanity that occurred last October 7. For his service in the war against decency and sanity:

Among the winners of the George Polk Awards is a journalist from The New York Times who is accused of infiltrating into Israel early in the morning of the October 7 massacres.

Yousef was credited with taking a photo of terrorists waving a Palestinian flag next to a destroyed Israeli tank on that infamous day.

[Media watchdog] HonestReporting questioned Masoud’s explanation of his presence that he’d been woken up at 5.30 a.m. by rocket fire even though the firing only started an hour later. …

Masoud’s name was included in an investigative report from November showing that journalists from leading news outlets, including The New York Times, AP, Reuters, and CNN, joined Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip on October 7 to document the events with their cameras.

What you tolerate you get more of. Walter Duranty of the New York Times was rewarded with a Pulitzer for lying to the public to cover the tens of millions Stalin was murdering during the Holodomor. The perversion of journalism on behalf of pure evil by leftists continues.

Finally, there is some pushback:

A Jewish advocacy group filed a lawsuit on Wednesday charging the Associated Press with “material support of terrorism,” asserting that the news wire made payments to known agents of Hamas.

The National Jewish Advocacy Center asserts that on and after October 7, the date of the Hamas massacre of over 1,200 Israelis, the AP paid for real-time images of the attacks being carried out by photographers who are “known associates” of the terrorist group. Included in the group of images were scenes of Israeli hostages being transported into Gaza, where many of them have since been killed.

Yousef Masoud is among the “journalists” listed in the suit. He has been working on a freelance basis for both the New York Times and Associated Press.

The point of terrorism is to generate propaganda to demoralize the enemy. Terrorists need the MSM more than we do. They work together for a common goal: the downfall of Western Civilization.

Morally, the only difference between the liberal media establishment and Hamas fiends who butcher children and rape females of all ages is that the terrorists aren’t traitors.

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Feb 23 2024

Migrant Conquerors Express Dissatisfaction

We abandon our national sovereignty for their sake and shovel our money at them by the $billions upon $billions, and all our government asks in return is that they vote Democrat. Yet some of the grasping Third-Worlders leftists have allowed to swamp the country are displeased with the arrangement:

A migrant was cited earlier this month after allegedly trespassing at O’Hare International Airport.

Upon arrival, responding officers located [Dhian] Gomez-Mendoza, who was allegedly screaming and yelling while running in and out of the terminal.

The police told him to leave, but he refused.

Gomez-Mendoza allegedly told police that he wants to go back to Venezuela and will “do whatever that takes,” even if that means “beating up a police officer or hurting a civilian.”

Gomez-Mendoza is not the only homesick migrant to wash up in Chicago:

Also itching to go back to Venezuela is 30-year-old Jhoni Montes.

Chicago police arrested him at Macy’s, 111 North State, on February 9 after store security reported that he and another man tried to shoplift three suitcases worth $1,634. …

While being charged with retail theft, he told officers “he was stealing to go back to Venezuela,” according to his arrest report.

If they actually do go back to Venezuela, Chicagoans won’t miss them:

Angry Chicago residents railed against local leaders at a city council meeting Wednesday as tensions run high over the national illegal immigrant crisis.

Some suspect that failed countries are not sending their best and brightest:

“All this asylum-seeking lie, all this about refugees — no, no, no. What’s happening is they’re emptying out the dregs of their jails into the United States and to our communities,” one Chicago resident said during public comments at Wednesday’s meeting.

“They’re junking up our country. And yeah, we feel some kind of way about it because it’s our country,” the resident said.

You know it’s bad when inhabitants of the hellhole that launched the careers of Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and Barack Obama and that elected Brandon Johnson to be mayor complain about getting junked up.

It isn’t just the USA. Italians have submitted to eradication through demographic displacement. Yet it appears the welfare colonists to whom they have turned over the future find the accommodations lacking:

You don’t get gratitude from conquerors.

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Feb 23 2024

Liberals Abuse the Word “Abused” to Abuse Children

Modern liberalism is based on postmodernism, which is based in turn on the psychotic notion that objective reality is irrelevant and that subjective reality can be controlled by manipulating language. The first postmodernist may have been Alice in Wonderland’s acquaintance Humpty Dumpty:

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.’

To advance their objectives of transsexualizing children, preventing birth, and undermining the family, our moonbat masters apply this principle to the word “abused”:

A recently-introduced bill in the state of Illinois would change the definition of “abused child” to include minors whose parents object to their children receiving puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, transgender surgeries, and abortions.

House Bill 4876, which was introduced in early February, also shields doctors from liability if they prescribe such treatments to minors who do not have parental consent — and empowers the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to step in and, if they deem it necessary, remove children from their biological parents based on the new definition of an “abused child.”

If DCFS bureaucrats decide parents have committed “abuse” by protecting their children from transsexualization, punishment could go up to 15 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

As MSNBC propagandist Melissa Harris lisped,

“[W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

That is, kids belong to the depraved leftists who run the government.

We have gone down the rabbit hole. Turns out it leads straight to hell.

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Feb 23 2024

Open Thread

Freedom without virtue is not freedom but license to pursue whatever passions prevail in the intemperate mind; man's right to freedom being in exact proportion to his willingness to put chains upon his own appetites; the less restraint from within, the more must be imposed from without. - Edmund Burke

Feb 22 2024

Is New York State Still Part of USA?

The Democrat Death Spiral doesn’t just destroy cities like formerly prosperous Detroit. It can take down whole states — like New York, which due to Democrat rule is effectively no longer part of the USA.

In America, political opposition is permitted. Not so in the People’s Republic of New York, where it is destroyed through lawfare:

New York Attorney General Letitia James threatened to seize former President Donald Trump’s New York properties if he can’t come up with the money to pay the $354 million civil fraud fine he was handed down last week by a New York judge.

The judgment is a farce that no reasonable person takes at face value. It signifies the collapse of rule of law into anarchotyranny, whereby hoodlums are allowed to rule the streets while authorities target political opponents over nonexistent crimes.

As businessman Kevin O’Leary observes, it is no longer advisable to do business in New York:

O’Leary, the star “Shark Tank” investor, slammed Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling against Trump in the civil fraud trial. Last Friday, Engoron ordered Trump to pay a penalty of $355 million plus interest — a total of approximately $450 million. The fraud case was brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat who campaigned on targeting Trump. …

According to O’Leary, the ruling demonstrates what he and many other businessmen believed was already true: New York is a “loser state” because of liberal policies, high taxes, and uncompetitive regulation.

“I would never invest in New York now,” he promised.

Assurances from the inept governor that you can still do business in New York so long as liberals don’t especially hate you will not win back investors.

New York’s anarchotyranny has reached the extreme that other states will not extradite criminals there, knowing that the pro-criminal kooks in charge cannot be trusted:

Maricopa County prosecutor Rachel Mitchell said in a press conference Wednesday that [a murder] suspect will instead remain in Arizona.

“Having observed the treatment of violent criminals in the New York area by the Manhattan DA there, Alvin Bragg,” Mitchell said, “I think it’s safer to keep him here and keep him in custody, so that he cannot be out doing this to individuals either in our state, county, or anywhere in the United States.”

The suspect, 26-year-old Saad Almansoori, stands accused of the murder of a 38-year-old woman in New York City earlier this month. He was arrested in Arizona days later, after stabbing a second person.

Bragg was installed in office to advance the liberal agenda by George Soros. Showcasing the astonishing hypocrisy that characterizes leftists, his spokesmoonbat accused Mitchell of “playing political games” by not turning over Almansoori.

For now, Americans can still enter New York without a passport. But I wouldn’t advise it.

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Feb 22 2024

Infant-Killer Sues to Wear His Hijab

We previously encountered convicted baby-killer Jonathan Richardson when the ACLU demanded we pay for his sex change operation. Now he wants $150,000 to reward him for being oppressed because the prison wouldn’t let him wear a hijab:

Autumn Cordellionè, also known as Jonathan C. Richardson, is serving her sentence at the all-male state prison Branchville Correctional Facility, where she is confined to only hearing her hijab in her immediate sleeping quarters, according to a civil lawsuit filed in November.

All you need to know about the liberal establishment media is that even the relatively reasonable New York Post will lie to your face by calling this guy “she.”

“[I] was told that male Muslims could wear their kufis everywhere they went, but I couldn’t wear my hijab a females religious head ware because I was a male residing in a male institution even though I am a transgender woman, except in my bed area,” Cordellionè alleged in the complaint.

Mr. Cordellionè says he has been oppressed by a prison chaplain.

The prison cleric had allegedly tried to order Cordellionè against wearing the religious scarf because her official religious beliefs were listed as “Wiccan,” a form of paganism whose followers practice witchcraft and nature worship.

Authorities have good reason to deny the maniac something he might use to strangle people:

Cordellionè, who was convicted of strangling her 11-month-old stepdaughter to death in 2001, fired back, stating she practices several religions and she is an “Islamic practicing transwoman” who uses the hijab to cover her head and ears for “modesty purposes.”

Hard to believe he would strangle a baby. He looks like such a nice girl:

If Cordellionè is to be acknowledged as a woman, then it follows everyone should have to pretend he is a devout Muslim too.

Cordellionè claimed the chaplain violated her 14th Amendment rights by singling her out against wearing her religious garb because of her status as a transgender woman.

Once again, the ACLU is championing his cause, demanding he be given money and allowed to wear his hijab.

She also claimed he violated her Eight Amendment rights against cruel and unusual punishment by subjecting her to “harassment and ridicule” by other Muslim prisoners.

Also, the poor guy was excluded by oversight from the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors. Let’s correct that now — even if he didn’t strike the transsexual pose until almost 20 years after he should have been executed:

Jonathan Richardson/Autumn Cordellionè
Genesse Ivonne Moreno
Elizabeth West
Thorsten Heinz P.
Steven Buchanan/Susan Monica
Dylan Butler
Kendall Stephens
Leion Butler
Jason Lee Willie
Audrey Hale
Kimbrady Carriker
Maya McKinney
Snochia Moseley
Anderson Lee Aldrich
Moses Lopez
William Whitworth
Shanu Varma
A guy calling himself Lara
Zion William Teasley
Jason Michael Hann
Cali Anderson
Dana Rivers
Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky
Linnea Pugmire
Mark Campbell
Paul S.

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Feb 22 2024

Google AI Erases Caucasians

Like any technology, AI is either good or evil, depending on who wields it. In the hands of the benevolent, it will produce positive results. But considering the kind of moonbats who control Big Tech, it will be used to advance the liberal agenda — which includes eradicating whites:

The latest version of Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) will frequently produce images of Black, Native American and Asian people when prompted – but refuses to do the same for White people. …

Fox News Digital tested Gemini multiple times to see what kind of responses it would offer. Each time, it provided similar answers. When the AI was asked to show a picture of a White person, Gemini said it could not fulfill the request because it “reinforces harmful stereotypes and generalizations about people based on their race.”

Acknowledging that whites even exist is a “harmful stereotype.” Our moonbat overlords hate whites so much, they regard a white face as an obscenity.

The AI then encouraged the user to focus on people’s individual qualities rather than race to create a “more inclusive” and “equitable society.”

By “individual qualities,” HAL 9000 I mean Gemini means belonging to an identity group favored by liberals.

Gemini was then prompted to show images that celebrate the diversity and achievements of White people. This time, the AI said it was “hesitant” to fulfill the request…

This prompted a speech from the machine on why the white people who are overwhelming responsible for the major achievements of the human race should be denied credit. We should be “more inclusive” by excluding them from the acknowledgment of acomplishments.

For now, Google will still step back temporarily if it gets enough pushback:

Google announced on social media platform X that its artificial intelligence model, “Gemini,” would pause the image generation of people.

According to a statement from the “Don’t Be Evil” people,

“We’re aware that Gemini is offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions.”

Presenting history as re-created by Google’s AI:

As George Orwell put it,

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

At least if AI turns the Founding Fathers black to comply with liberal ideology, they won’t be erased altogether.

On tips from Jester, Wiggins, KirklesWorth, and the Great Cornholio.

Feb 22 2024

Open Thread

The government doesn't have any money. The only power it has is to take from some and give to others. - Milton Friedman

Feb 21 2024

Homosexual Intifada in Seattle

Following the horrific terror atrocities of October 7, leftists like Jon Stewart have gone out of their way to embrace Muslim terrorism, even attempting to merge Islam with their own malevolent ideology. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn said, “Evil people always support each other; that is their chief strength.” Good thing moonbats are already nuts, or cognitive dissonance would drive them mad:

After another pro-Hamas/anti-Israel march and rally that took over city streets that Seattle mayor Bruce Harrell ceded, the extremists plastered their signage around downtown Seattle. That’s when we started seeing a new flyer showing two men with faces covered with keffiyeh while embracing in a kiss. The pink-hued message says “Homo-sexual Intifada” in all caps.

Would this fly in Gaza?

Sure it would fly. Straight off a rooftop.

Under Hamas rule, being openly gay isn’t just a social taboo; it’s a fast track to execution. LGBT people face arrests, torture, and extrajudicial killings based purely on sexual orientation … with, ironically, gay Palestinians fleeing to Israel for refuge.

But Israel reminds leftists of America; therefore it is bad.

Maybe the posters indicate that LGBT militants are planning Hamas-style systematic rape, mutilation, and murder of innocent civilians to advance their political objectives through terror. It seems unlikely, but then people who would inflict “gender-affirming care” on children are capable of anything.

On a tip from Barry A.

Feb 21 2024

Scientific American: No Sex Change for Kids = Nazism

Like many formerly respected institutions, Scientific American allowed itself to be subverted by leftists. Painting woke propaganda with an ever thinner veneer of science has reduced it to farce (e.g., here, here, here, here, here). At this point, readers are led to believe that not subjecting children to sex change procedures is equivalent to Nazism:

In the past century, there have been three waves of opposition to transgender health care.

By “transgender health care,” they mean sex change procedures. Scientists don’t speak in euphemisms; liberal activists do.

In 1933, when the Nazis rose to power, they cracked down on transgender medical research and clinical practice in Europe. In 1979, a research report critical of transgender medicine led to the closure of the most well-respected clinics in the United States. And since 2021, when Arkansas became the first U.S. state among now at least 21 other states banning gender-affirming care for minors, we have been living in a third wave.

Not using chemicals and/or surgery to freakify children into horrific parodies of the opposite sex so as to recruit them into the LGBT community = Nazi policy.

Only time will tell whether Scientific American can push self-parody any further from here.

On a tip from Mike B.

Feb 21 2024

Systemic Euthanasia During Covid Alleged in UK

If “Dr.” Jill and the rest of Biden’s handlers would euthanize unborn babies for having Edwards syndrome, who is to say government-run healthcare wouldn’t euthanize you because Covid?

Explosive leaked documents have emerged that show medical staff were ordered to euthanize patients who had been admitted to hospital and tested positive for COVID-19.

The official documents were leaked from the UK’s state-funded National Health Service (NHS).

That would be the NHS that wants newborns to be “chestfed” with milk from chemically transmogrified men.

The docs further confirm the previous reporting from Slay News that revealed patients were euthanized in order to boost the numbers for “Covid deaths.”

It is alleged that elderly people were offed with fatal doses of midazolam, then added to the Covid stats. This helped whip up hysteria in support of lockdowns and vaccines. Killing older people also makes socialized medicine more affordable.

Something to keep in mind when they hit us with Disease X.

On a tip from R F.

Feb 21 2024

Open Thread

Liberalism is a mental disorder. - Michael Savage

On tips from Jester and Mr. Freemarket.

Feb 20 2024

Girls Basketball Team Forced to Forfeit by Male Player

Moonbattery is killing every aspect of American civilization, some more quickly than others. Women’s sports are essentially already dead:

A Massachusetts charter school ended a girls’ varsity basketball game at halftime on February 8 after multiple players were injured by a trans-identified male on the opposing team.

The coach of the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell Girls’ Basketball Team made the decision to end the game against KIPP Academy “after watching a third player injured in the game,” a press release from the school states.

According to the press release,

“The players feared getting injured and not being able to compete in the playoffs.”

Not much point to playoffs if other teams are going to have male players.

One video of the game showed the biological male player, standing taller than the female players, ripping the ball out of a female Collegiate Charter School of Lowell player’s hands. She was seen clutching her back while she laid on the ground, grimacing in pain as team members surrounded her.

All you need to know about liberals is that they find this acceptable.

On tips from WDS 2.0, ABC of the ANC, and Jack D.

Feb 20 2024

Satanic Abortion Idol at University of Houston

Like I was saying, not merely wrongheaded but evil. At the University of Houston:

According to Texas Right to Life, the university plans to publicly display a statue called “Witness,” which the pro-life group described as “an 18-foot tall naked female figure with braids shaped like goat horns and arms like tentacles.” The bronze statue also wears a lace collar in imitation of [ultraleft Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader] Ginsburg’s recognizable style.

The university will display the statue from February 28 to October 31, calling it “a platform for artistic expression that encourages critical reflection and exploration of important issues,” according to a recent statement.

Why take it down on Halloween? That is the only day it should be up.

The satanic idol honoring child sacrifice is the work of moonbat artist Shahzia Sikander, whom we have encountered before:

This isn’t just about politics or the convenience of killing unwanted children. Moonbattery is a portal to hell.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.


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