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Apr 24 2021

Parenting Advice From Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg, primary oracle of the Church of Enviromoonbattery, can provide wisdom on any topic, including parenting. In the video below, a moonbat requests advice regarding the affective disorder she has induced in her daughter through leftist brainwashing. Saint Greta’s solution: take climate action!

Note that Greta first emphasizes collective action. Imposing oligarchical collectivist tyranny is the objective of the global warming hoax. One reason Greta is top moonbat when it comes to global warming is that she keeps her eyes on the prize.

Scarier even than Greta the teenage totalitarian is that the woman supplicating her for guidance has the power to ruin the lives not only of her children. As a member of Congress, Katie Porter (D-CA) can inflict her gloomy delusions on all of us on a coercive basis.

The Democratic Party has weaponized insanity.

On tips from Henry and Varla.


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