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Dec 02 2020

Paul Krugman Mans the Memory Hole

Like they say, under leftism, the future is certain; it’s the past that keeps changing. Iconic New York Times columnist Paul Krugman just coughed up a whopper that requires erasing whole years of recent history.

Krugman assumes Biden will be inaugurated, and lies that “he will immediately be confronted with an unprecedented challenge” in that he will be “the first modern U.S. president trying to govern in the face of an opposition that refuses to accept his legitimacy.”

Never mind the “selected not elected” crap they used to undermine GWB for his entire first term. What about the past 4 years, during which the Democrat Party/MSM relentlessly proclaimed that Trump was illegitimate because of the debunked Russian conspiracy hoax?

Byron York quotes Hillary Clinton:

“He [Trump] knows he’s an illegitimate president,” Clinton told CBS’s “60 Minutes” on September 29, 2019.

Prominent Dem Rep Jerrold Nadler called Trump illegitimate too. So did holy civil rights saint John Lewis. So did Joe Biden. So did Jimmy Carter. So did Paul Krugman himself, who honked in January 2017,

“Is it O.K., morally and politically, to declare the man about to move into the White House illegitimate? Yes, it is. In fact, it’s an act of patriotism.”

It is never pleasant watching progressives try to use the word “patriotism.”

Now Krugman proclaims that “Democrats never said Donald Trump was illegitimate.” Why tell such an obvious lie? Because as York says, it “encourages a sense of grievance.” When their guy is in office, being called illegitimate makes him a victim. Victims have moral authority, provided they are people liberals like.

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