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Sep 27 2021

Pedophile Filth in Public School Library

No wonder the leftists running the schools in Loudoun County, Virginia are trying to block Matt Walsh from addressing the school board. School board meetings are opportunities for countermoonbats to expose what liberal social engineers have been inflicting on children. At a Leander Independent School District meeting in the Austin area, enraged mom Brandi Burkman pulled back the curtain on the filth made available to kids through the school library — specifically, a work of pedophilia by Jonathan Evison entitled Lawn Boy.

She read excerpts from the book, via BizPac Review:

“’What if I told you I touched another guy’s d**k? What if I told you I sucked it? I was 10 years old, but it’s true. I put Doug Goebbel’s d**k in my mouth. I was in fourth grade. It was no big deal, he sucked mine too. And you know what? It wasn’t terrible,’” the mother read to the board. …

“’He talked about old times at the church, but never mentioned our penises or the fact that he never said ten words to me after our little foray in the bushes. Not a single reference to holding or tugging or sucking d**ks. All I could think about while he was chatting me up was his little salamander between my fourth-grade fingers, rapidly engorging with blood,’” she read aloud from another chapter in the book. …

She added, “In addition, I’ll share with you the exceptional quality of the vocabulary. I stopped counting on page 66 after ‘44 ‘f**ks’ and 41 ‘s**ts.’”

Warning — graphic language:

Until schools can be reclaimed from leftists, no innocent child should be subjected to them.

Naturally, the authorities responded by throwing out the mothers who don’t want their children immersed in depravity:

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