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Apr 02 2021

Suppressing Teacher Criticism of Racist Brainwashing

Critical race theory is to Caucasians what Nazi ideology is to Jews, scapegoating whites for all problems. It forms the foundation of Democrat dogma. Because it is depraved to demand that a mainly white country hate whites, CRT can only be instilled through aggressive brainwashing, which progressives inflict through their control of education. Teachers who resist are punished:

An advisory board linked to Virginia’s Loudoun County Public School district (LCPS) demanded that teachers be dismissed if they criticize the district’s equity training inspired by critical race theory.

Kiara Jennings, who leads LCPS’ Minority Student Achievement Advisory Council (MSAAC), emailed the district’s Superintendent, School Board Chair, Equity Committee, and the NAACP asking that teachers not be allowed to speak out against diversity training, even in private feedback surveys.

According to Jennings, negative feedback on the racist brainwashing “should not be tolerated by anyone employed” by the school district.

The MSAAC has vowed to “silence the opposition.”

A proposed speech code would have prevented teachers from objecting to the CRT indoctrination program:

A draft of the proposed speech code would have banned school teachers from criticizing the district’s “commitment to action-oriented equity practices” in all forms of public and personal communication.

This pushed leftist tyranny so far over the line that even a teachers union objected, forcing the district to revise the policy.

LCPS has spent $422,500 in taxpayer funds between 2018-2020 on equity consultants and diversity training inspired by critical race theory…

Yet the MSAAC demands that the district hire yet another equity consultant.

Ideologically recalcitrant teachers are not the only ones in the crosshairs. Current and former Loudoun County teachers have compiled a list of parents to be harassed, intimidated, and/or canceled for objecting to their children being indoctrinated to hate whites.

As part of the liberal establishment, GoFundMe has assisted in suppressing resistance by deactivating a fundraising campaign affiliated with parents pushing back against CRT brainwashing in local schools. Via Legal Insurrection:

Scott Mineo created his GoFundMe in mid-March after a members of a private Facebook group called Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County launched an intimidation campaign against a number of parent groups, including his Parents Against Critical Theory. …

Mineo’s page had raised nearly $4,000 by March 22 when former Loudoun County School Board Equity Committee member Charlotte McConnell urged current committee members and the school board to report the page.

Everything to the right of Pol Pot is getting driven underground as the radical left consolidates power.

As Leonardo da Vinci wisely observed, it is easier to resist at the beginning than it is at the end. We are well past the beginning, but you can still push back against moonbattery without ending up in front of a firing squad. Take advantage of this while you still can.

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