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Feb 05 2024

Pillaging Invaders Drag Woman From Moped

In New York City, it has been established that illegal aliens can beat police officers with impunity because they have the liberal establishment on their side. That means they can do anything they please. It means this:

The moment a migrant on a moped dragged a woman along a New York City street to steal her phone was caught in horrifying footage shared by police.

Moonbats will happily seize on this evidence that local police are systemically racist. No wonder undocumented Democrats enjoy kicking them in the head.

Three migrants were arrested by the NYPD after they allegedly went on a crime spree that saw them stealing wallets and cellphones from at least 62 women across the city’s seven boroughs.

Odds are they will not remain in custody for long. That’s why they come to New York, as even CNN has learned.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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