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Apr 29 2023

Planned Parenthood Given $670.4 Million of Our Money

You can’t say no one benefits from Democrat rule. In fiscal year 2021–2022, the abortion mill Planned Parenthood received $670.4 million in coercive funding from American taxpayers, a large percentage of whom regard the organization as not merely pernicious but satanic.

That is more taxpayer funding than ever before in its history. This is unsurprising, given that we have never been forced to live under an administration that so belligerently disregards the wishes of citizens who are not leftists.

During the same year, Planned Parenthood killed 383,460 babies, its second highest total yet. American taxpayers were forced to pay $1,792 per child’s scalp — or crushed skull, as the case may be.

Compounding the deviltry, much of the money is funneled back into the Democratic Party. Like the green energy industry, Planned Parenthood serves largely to launder taxpayer money for Democrats.

The evil committed by Planned Parenthood doesn’t stop there. It also gives children hormone injections and puberty blockers to prevent their normal development and to set them on course for horrific sex change surgery.

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