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Jul 17 2021

Politicization Destroys Confidence in Science

Even the most revered institutions are rendered untrustworthy once moonbattery has been allowed to infiltrate and subvert them. The US military is an alarming example. Another is science.

Via Gallup:

When Gallup asked Americans how much confidence they had in science in 1975, the party groups varied little in their responses. At that time, Republicans (72%) were slightly more likely than Democrats (67%) to say they had “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in science. Meanwhile, 73% of political independents expressed confidence.

Then came the global warming hoax, whereby Democrats apply the carrot of lavish funding and the stick of ostracization to force scientists to place their imprimatur on a politically contrived doomsday cult.

That set the stage for the total subordination of science to leftist politics under Covid. We are now asked to regard bureaucrat Anthony Fauci — who admits repeatedly lying to the public and who apparently helped fund the creation of Covid by the Chinese Communist Party — as the personification of science. Consequently,

Republican confidence in science has fallen 27 percentage points, and independents have dropped eight points, while Democrats’ confidence has increased by 12 points.

“Science” means whatever powerful Democrats say it means at a given moment. Those who dissent are systematically silenced. In the near future, all Democrats and no non-Democrats will have confidence in “science.”

Confidence in all major US institutions is falling as a result of liberal corrosion. Small business is the most trusted American institution. This may be because it has been impossible for Democrats to subvert. They have been forced to resort to full frontal attack. What small businesses survived their tyrannical Covid lockdowns and Biden’s tax hikes, they hope to crush by jacking up the minimum wage as soon as they have the political leverage.

Democrat-controlled Congress is unsurprisingly the institution that elicits the least confidence, at 12%. The second lowest confidence prize goes to television news, also overwhelmingly Democrat-controlled, at 16%.

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