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Aug 04 2022

While ChiComs Fire Missiles, USAF Hosts Drag Show

Meanwhile, as we teeter on the verge of WWIII, with the ChiComs firing ballistic missiles into Taiwanese waters in response to a visit by Nancy Pelosi, American Military News describes how our military prepares for total war with a superpower:

The US military’s Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE) hosted a drag show on Saturday during its first-ever kid-friendly “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summer Festival.”

Under Democrat rule, the Pentagon has embraced the LGBT agenda. This heavily emphasizes the corruption of children. And so,

Organizers encouraged children to attend the festival, advertising that there would be “bouncy houses and face painting for the children.”

Colonel Gregory Beaulieu authorized the use of taxpayer-financed military resources for the event, which featured drag queen Joshua Kelly, a.k.a. Harpy Daniels.

The military’s LGBT push, which includes mandating the use of biologically incorrect pronouns, is part of the broader Cultural Marxist campaign to bring down America. As Daily Wire reports,

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives have gained ground in the military in recent years, a development that critics say is gutting the unity, meritocracy, and mission readiness of the U.S. military. …

The U.S. Air Force created an Office of Diversity and Inclusion in January last year.

Democrats exploit the fact that members of the military have to do as they are told without complaint. But in the age of cancelation, even civilians hesitate to speak out against the imposition of wokeness.

[T]he festival was advertised to all who work at JBLE, civilian and military, through a mass email. A person who works at JBLE and received an invite to the festival was furious over the military-sponsored drag show for an event advertised for families.

“It’s burlesque, it’s hyper-sexualized, it’s not something appropriate for children,” said the person, who requested to not be named over potential retaliation from base officials.

Must be a civilian. Someone in the service would risk court martial with that sort of thoughtcrime.

The ChiComs are watching what liberal social engineers have done to the US military and will act accordingly. Good-bye, Taiwan. It’s been nice having you in the free world.

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Jul 20 2022

Biden Effect on Military Recruitment

The effect on the military of allowing Biden and his leftist handlers to take control has been devastating:

[E]very branch of the military is facing a drastic shortfall of new enlistees. As of late June, the Army was 60% short of its target numbers. The Air Force is 4,000 short on new recruits. Though the Navy and Marine Corps won’t release figures until later this year, they have also acknowledged that they are unlikely to meet recruitment quotas.

What is driving people away from the armed forces? The moonbattery and incompetence (if not treason) that are personified by Joe Biden:

On this front, nothing looms larger than President Joe Biden’s disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan last year, which left 13 American service members dead. Following the debacle, a report on the attitudes of Afghanistan veterans found that “73% feel betrayed, and 67% feel humiliated.”

Wokeness under Democrat control is suffocating:

Pentagon bureaucrats and Biden administration officials have also plowed ahead with their plans to “wokeify” the military, alienating vast swaths of Americans in the process. The Army and Navy have both pushed Critical Race Theory texts like Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be An Anti-Racist on their “recommended reading list.” CRT has also made its way into the curriculum at West Point and other military academies. Just last month, the Navy was slammed for forcing new recruits to watch training videos on “proper pronoun usage.” Several Republicans in Congress have also raised concerns about woke policies in this year’s military funding bill.

Those who want to be homosexualized and preached to about the racistness of their white skin go into academia or journalism, not the military.

To be an effective soldier, you have to believe you are fighting for something worthwhile. Who in their right mind would risk their life for the agenda of people like Joe Biden, Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley, and Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby, a damp bureauweenie willing to pretend that the real enemy is climate change?

The leftist kooks who rule over us do not engender patriotism.

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Jul 04 2022

WWII Vet Not Liking the Fundamental Transformation

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to resolve to pry moonbats’ claws loose from Lady Liberty’s throat and restore the country this gent fought for:

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Jun 22 2022

Why China Will Soon Invade Taiwan

Taiwan has been an island of freedom and prosperity, thriving beneath the looming shadow of communism thanks to implicit protection by the USA. This will not last. An invasion is imminent — if the ChiComs have seen this:

The Navy is training its members to create a “safe space” by using proper gender pronouns in a new instructional video modeled after a children’s show.

“Hi! My name is Jony, and I use he/him pronouns,” Naval Undersea Warfare Center engineer Jony Rozon, who sports a rainbow-colored t-shirt, states in the video’s opening.

It isn’t just the Navy.

The Army mandates similar gender identity training and trains officers on when to offer subordinates gender-transition surgery, the Washington Free Beacon reported in March. These programs are part of a larger push by the Biden administration to make the military more welcoming to transgender individuals.

Watch in horror at what the enemy within has done to the Armed Forces:

Then there is this:

Less than a month after a US Air Force base in Germany cancelled a series of drag shows, including a Drag Queen Story Hour for kids, nearby army base Kleber Kaserne is hosting its own drag story time event, for kids.

The event is being hosted by the KMC Theater Guild on June 30 and will feature “Drag Story Time for all ages,” a “history of drag,” and a “discussion on theater inclusivity.” The “out of character family-friendly Pride event” will be held live on stage, and is touted as a “family friendly Pride event.”

We have seen what “family friendly” means in the context of events featuring drag queens.

The military has been repurposed. Once it defended American liberty. Now it has a new objective: to promote degeneracy on behalf of liberals.

While our military devotes itself to pandering to the sexually deranged, China’s has other priorities:

China’s launch of a new aircraft carrier, its third and the second built entirely at home, speaks to Beijing’s ambitions to become a military power of global standing and reach.

A consequence of Biden and the moonbattery he personifies being allowed to take power will be the end of Taiwan. This will produce further consequences, including a crisis closer to home due to our reliance on Taiwan for computer chips.

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May 06 2022

Moonbattery Erodes Army Recruitment

Actions have consequences, which in turn have further consequences. The US military puts political hacks like Mark Milley in charge, identifies white men as the primary enemy, christens a ship after an infamous child molester, and runs recruiting ads like this:

The butt-sniffing apparatchiks at the top of the command structure systematically purge the ranks of those likely to resist leftist indoctrination and follow with a purge of those unwilling to submit to an unreasonable vaccine mandate.

All this moonbattery has produced an unsurprising consequence:

The Army is reducing its total active-duty force numbers over the next several years due to recruiting difficulties — an unprecedented step, according to some military experts.

Even as foreign threats grow in seriousness, Army manpower is at its lowest level since World War II.

Senate Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Jim Inhofe (R-OK) called it “more serious than any recruiting challenge that I’ve experienced in the years that I’ve been here.”

The source of the problem has been identified:

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense, told Breitbart News in an interview in March, “There is a sense among the American public that the military is becoming increasingly political and that topics such as race and gender equity, critical race theory, and wokeism in general are commanding more attention, at the cost of readiness.”

The good news is that what recruits the Army does get show a lot of flair when they make TikTok dance videos.

This consequence will in turn have consequences. It’s not clear what these will be, but it couldn’t hurt to learn some Chinese.

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Mar 05 2022

US Military Advisors Transform Ukrainian Defense

Looks like the USA has been providing military advice to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Under Commander in Chief Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, the Pentagon does not provide the same advice it did back in the days when its purpose was to win wars rather than to implement social engineering schemes on behalf of the radical left:

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Jan 21 2022

US Military to Embrace Nonbinary Troops

The USA still has a much larger economy than China, generating far more wealth per capita. We still have the best equipped and most powerful military in the world. How long our advantage will last is an open question, given the ravages inflicted by moonbattery.

While China develops hypersonic missiles, US armed forces under Democrat rule focus on officially recognizing troops “whose gender identity is nonbinary.” approvingly reports:

The Pentagon has asked the Institute for Defense Analyses, or IDA, which operates federally funded research centers, to study the issue…

SPARTA President Bree Fram, an Air Force lieutenant colonel, likened the effort to the study the Pentagon asked Rand Corp. to conduct in 2015 before lifting the ban on transgender people serving in the military.

SPARTA is “an advocacy group for transgender troops.”

China’s People’s Liberation Army is unlikely to find itself tangled up in the demands of bizarre advocacy groups. It won’t be getting distracted by depraved foolishness like preferred pronouns.

The situation will get worse before it gets better, to judge by our respective systems of education:

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Jan 17 2022

Dancing Nurses Virus Infects US Army

It was bad enough watching nurses dance to achieve 15 seconds of social media fame when they were supposed to be swamped with the Covid crisis. Here’s what our gender equity-oriented armed forces are up to under moonbat rule:

Meanwhile, our adversaries prepare to advance. Nothing invites aggression like weakness.

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Jan 04 2022

Lloyd Austin Comes Down With Covid

Lloyd Austin — Supreme Overseer of the moonbattization of the US military — has been so neurotically cautious about Covid that he embarrassingly goes out to meet the world wearing both a mask and a face shield:

Austin gets the best healthcare in the world. He is vaxxed and boosted. Yet he has come down with Covid.

Currently, he is “experiencing mild symptoms while quarantining at home.”

It is unclear whether Austin has learned much from the experience.

“The vaccines work and will remain a military medical requirement for our workforce. I continue to encourage everyone eligible for a booster shot to get one. This remains a readiness issue,” he said.

But we can learn something: If Big Government can’t protect Lloyd Austin from Covid, it can’t protect anyone and ought to just leave us alone.

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Dec 30 2021

Marines Prove Vax Mandates Not as Useless as They Seem

Some people don’t get the point of authoritarian Covid mandates imposed by the federal government, especially in light of Biden admitting that there is no federal solution to the ChiCom virus:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants President Joe Biden to scrap his ‘useless’ vaccine mandates after he told the leaders of 25 states that there is ‘no federal solution’ to the COVID-19 pandemic, his office said on Tuesday. …

‘More Americans have died of COVID-19 under Biden than under Trump. Now that Biden has admitted to the nation that he has no plan to “shut down the virus,” and that there is “no federal solution,” we expect him to withdraw the unconstitutional and useless federal vaccine mandates,’ DeSantis’ office said.

However, Marines understand that the mandates are far from useless:

U.S. Marines are being “crushed” by President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate as thousands face dismissal for their continued refusal to get the shot, several active-duty Marines told Fox News Digital.

So far, a grand total of two Marines have died of Covid. The disease itself is not a serious issue for Marines. But the mandate is.

Several Marines who refuse to get the shot were granted anonymity by Fox News Digital, so they could speak freely. They said they are witnessing a “political purge” by the Biden administration that is forcing out the military’s “best and brightest” over deeply held beliefs they say are protected by the First Amendment.

Upon taking power, Biden’s leftist Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered a military-wide stand-down to purge thought criminals. This campaign continues in the name of Covid.

For the Democratic Party’s neo-Marxist agenda to be fully implemented, the armed forces must be willing to turn their guns on Americans. Purging the military of people who will make their own judgments and stand by them is crucial in this regard. So vaccine mandates are not so useless after all.

Likewise, applications for a religious exemption to the vaccine might seem useless, because the military has not approved a single one. But they serve their purpose, which is to help the Mark Milley types at the top of the command chain to identify the ideologically intransigent.

On a tip from seaoh. Hat tips: Legal Insurrection, Conservative Brief.

Dec 23 2021

Air Force, Space Force Include Pronouns in Signature Blocks

China and Russia have been flexing their muscles belligerently since the Biden Regime made a spectacle of its fecklessness in Afghanistan, but the US military remains at the vanguard of history. We are so far in advance of our adversaries that while they waste time on 6,000-mph hypersonic nuclear missiles, our Air Force and Space Force have boldly stepped into the future by allowing pronouns that may or may not align with biology in signature blocks.

Never mind Xi and Putin snickering in the background, this is not a joke, but is taken straight from Air Force Reserve Command:

“An inclusive force is a mission-ready force, and I’m thankful to the LGBTQ Initiatives Team for helping us realize this opportunity to be a more inclusive force,” said Under Secretary of the Air Force Gina Ortiz Jones.

The LGBTQ Initiatives Team, or LIT, a part of the Department of the Air Force Barrier Analysis Working Group, advocated for this change, one of the latest initiatives the DAF undertook to address barriers to service and promote a more inclusive culture.

“Inclusive” in this context means “appealing to left-wing degenerates.”

This effort was led by the LIT, with support from the Pacific Islander/Asian American Community Team, and the Women’s Initiatives Team, other teams of the DAFBAWG.

DAFBAWG, not to be confused with DOGBARF, stands for “Department of the Air Force Barrier Analysis Working Group.”

An example is provided of a trans-friendly signature block:

ANGEL ALONSO, Capt, USAF (he/him/his)
Occupational Therapy Element Leader
48th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron
RAF Lakenheath, UK
DSN: 555-1212

Airmen Airpersons can also place their pronouns on a separate line, or leave them out altogether, although the latter option probably wouldn’t help regarding promotions.

Under the command of hardcore leftists like Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley — not to mention our Commander in Chief — this is how the military spends its time and our money, as the ChiComs methodically implement their plans for world domination.

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Dec 19 2021

Faith-Oriented Dog Tags Forbidden

American soldiers are sent to face death on behalf of a country that prominently guarantees the free exercise of religion in its Constitution. Some have drawn courage and consolation from faith-oriented dog tags. But under liberal rule, that is now forbidden:

Leftist radicals like Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley control the US military. They could not care less about morale, and are hostile to the liberties the armed forces exist to defend.

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Nov 21 2021

Boycott Black Rifle Coffee

Looks like Black Rifle Coffee is on board with the campaign to remake the military in the image of liberal degeneracy. WARNING — this is tasteless in the extreme:

That was consistent with the emphasis top brass places on “diversity” rather than combat effectiveness under Commander in Chief Joe Biden.

These days virtually every company rams moonbattery down your throat. You can’t boycott all of them. But the ones that position themselves as conservative alternatives, then turn around and pander to leftists deserve special consideration. Chick-fil-A comes to mind. So does Black Rifle Coffee.

Via Big League Politics:

Black Rifle Coffee earned their name as a “conservative” alternative to Starbucks run by former members of the United States Military.


Evan Hafer, the company founder, publicly disavowed Kenosha Hero Kyle Rittenhouse and condemned conservatives. Hafer also scrapped a coffee bag featuring Saint Michael The Archangel because he felt that it would appeal to white supremacists. Saint Michael is commonly seen as the patron-saint of the military and first responders and theologically is the leader of God’s army of angels in the New Testament.

Saint Michael has been canceled for reminding moonbats of white supremacists.

No need to drink Starbucks, although that would be better than Black Rifle. There are other alternatives — including Stocking Mill Coffee, which defies the liberal establishment by celebrating justice being served in Kenosha:

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Nov 15 2021

Marines to Be Overhauled to Impose Diversity

Liberals have not destroyed America until they have destroyed the Marines. Currently they are busily at work on this task. NPR gloats that under moonbat rule, the Marine Corps “has plans for a big overhaul designed to address its lack of diversity.”

The goal that’s driving what amounts to a cultural shift within the service, is for the Marines “to reflect America, to reflect the society we come from,” Gen. David Berger, commandant of the Marine Corps, said in an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition.

“To reflect America” means to reflect the America social engineers strive to create. For example, 12% of veterans are black. This is about right, considering that blacks comprise 13% of the population. Progressives would prefer for the military to look like the Veterans Day Google doodle: 43% black and 14% transsexual.

Once every sector of society has been reengineered to “look like America,” what will they do with all the excess white people? This has never been explained, so we will have to wait until utopia is achieved to find out.

One problematic aspect of the Marine Corps is that it is less than 10% female, despite there being no difference between men and women according to Democrat ideology. Berger’s Talent Management 2030 initiative will rectify this.

“We are a purely combat force,” [Berger] says, a distinction that separates the service from others. “We were built under a different set of circumstances — but that is changing.”

It sure is. No one will mistake the Marine Corps for a combat force by the time liberals are through with it.

It wasn’t likely to stop with Lloyd Austin’s ideological purge or the following purge of those who refuse to be senselessly vaxxed against their will. Nor will it stop with naming Navy ships after pedophiles and replacing effective combat vehicles with politically correct EVs.

Anything under the control of liberals will be subordinated to liberalism, until it has been rendered useless as anything but a political platform. Refer to the mainstream media and the education establishment for the most striking examples.

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