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Feb 29 2024

Politico: Reining in Deep State Politicization Is Politicization

Leftists’ capacity for keeping a straight face while projecting their misdeeds onto their opponents continues to astonish. Here’s how Politico spins the possibility of the next Trump Administration draining the swamp before it’s too late:

Former top officials from Donald Trump’s administration are warning he is likely to use a second term to overhaul the nation’s spy agencies in a way that could lead to an unprecedented level of politicization of intelligence. …

Perhaps no single government spy agency is likely to come under as much pressure as the FBI.

You want politicization? Here you go:

Blaze News investigative journalist Steve Baker said the FBI wants him to self-surrender to the agency Friday morning in Dallas over his January 6 reporting.

Baker told Blaze News he’s been instructed to turn himself in at the agency’s field office at 7 a.m. wearing “shorts and sandals” — which he said signals that the plan likely is to go for “humiliation” and place him in an orange jumpsuit, handcuff him, and do the “prisoner transport routine.”

They won’t tell him what the charges are. Here’s how he aroused their ire:

“Steve’s actions on January 6 have been known to the Department of Justice for 3 years,” Baker’s attorneys said in a January news release. “But it is only now — after Steve has broken two major stories greatly embarrassing to the DOJ — that he is possibly being targeted for arrest and possibly felony prosecution. Any action taken to put him in handcuffs, hold him in custody, and have him transported to court by federal law enforcement will be nothing other than retaliation for his recent reporting.”

The FBI falls under the DOJ, which was weaponized by Obama’s self-described “wingman” Eric Holder. The weaponization continues.

Baker discussed his legal saga in a pair of October commentary pieces for Blaze News (here and here), detailing the ins and outs of the federal investigation he’s been under following his independent journalistic work on Jan. 6, which began before he joined Blaze News.

Another stark example of politicization is the FBI’s involvement in the Russia collusion hoax, by which Democrats attempted to hobble Trump’s first term:

The FBI knew the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was utter bunk even as it suggested otherwise to Congress, the courts and the public early in 2017.

The FBI explicitly targets Trump supporters. It is becoming an American version of the KGB. Trump is expected to appoint people who would reverse this trend, much to Politico’s alarm.

War is peace; freedom is slavery; reining in the politicization of the Deep State is politicization.

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