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Dec 25 2022

Pope Francis Denounces Traditionalists

With Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the Vatican, the de-Christing comes all the way from the top:

Francis used his annual Christmas greeting to the Roman Curia to again put the cardinals, bishops and priests who work in the Holy See on notice that they are by no means beyond reproach…

Francis warned Vatican bureaucrats on Thursday to beware the devil that lurks among them, saying it is an “elegant demon” that works in people who have a rigid, holier-than-thou way of living the Catholic faith. …

Francis appeared to also want to take broader aim at arch-conservatives and traditionalists who have become the pope’s biggest critics. Francis blasted their way of living the faith, insisting that being Catholic doesn’t mean following a never-changing set of dicta but is rather a “process of understanding Christ’s message that never ends, but constantly challenges us.”

“True heresy consists not only in preaching another gospel, as Saint Paul told us, but also in ceasing to translate its message into today’s languages and ways of thinking,” Francis said.

A skeptic might interpret this as meaning that true heresy is heresy against moonbattery.

Francis, who has blessed pagan statues in the Vatican Gardens, has been accused of heresy himself.

If there was ever a time to stand firm against the incremental erosion of traditional values, it is now that the increments are becoming gigantic.

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