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Dec 25 2022

Taking the Christ Out of Christianity

‘Tis the season when moonbats try to take the Christ out of Christmas…

They try to take the Christ out of Christianity all year around. If they succeed, a vicar will look something like Michelle Bailey:

She previously departed from a Church of England parish after accusing villagers of wrecking her marriage – and then left her husband and children to live with a female lover. But she returned to the pulpit in the Church in Wales – which is part of the Anglican communion but disestablished from the Church of England.

The female lover that she denounced villagers from the pulpit for gossiping about ended up living with Bailey’s former husband and then killing herself.

Earlier this year, [Bailey] was cleared in court of assaulting another girlfriend, but remained suspended while senior clergy investigated a string of complaints about her.

This woman was allegedly left “with her right ear detached, two black eyes and a split nose in a lockdown brawl.” Bailey pled self-defense.

The vicar, 55, was said to have picked up a number of women on online dating sites and invited them round to her home, with drunken rows leading to the police being called at least twice.

Clergy traditionally oppose sinful behavior. However, this policy has been progressively liberalized.

Same-sex relationships are forbidden for Church of England clergy, but are permitted in the Church in Wales. A Church of England source said the Church in Wales had ignored warnings not to put Rev Bailey in a parish.

Bailey has now retired, but don’t rule out another comeback. At the current rate of decay, she is only slightly ahead of her time.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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