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Nov 08 2020

Possible Punishment for Election Fraud Whistleblower

As Democrats consolidate power, being a whistleblower requires more guts than ever. Remember the guy who blew the whistle on voter fraud at the post office in Erie, Pennsylvania? He stood up for the fundamental Western principle of free and fair elections. When a nail stands up, it gets hammered down:

According to Richard Hopkins, a carrier in Erie, Pennsylvania, his supervisors and others above him were ordering carriers to backdate ballots that were received after Election Day. Once Hopkins’ bosses pieced together that he was the whistleblower, he was allegedly relieved of duty. …

“They said that I was, because of certain factors, I was kind of implicated as the one who had come out, so they wanted to get my side of the story because they wanted to start an investigation into this,” he explained. “I think this comes from above them and that’s what I told the postal inspectors. I just think they were just doing what they were told.”

Told by whom? We will never know. The deep state is as impenetrable as a Franz Kafka nightmare. But despite its bloated vastness, it can move quickly when motivated:

Hopkins said that roughly 20 minutes after Project Veritas broke the story that “his supervisor called him and told him he would not be needed at his scheduled time Saturday morning.”

At last word, he doesn’t know if he is still employed.

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One Response to “Possible Punishment for Election Fraud Whistleblower”

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