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Oct 26 2023

Prime Minister of Iceland Declares Herself Oppressed

No matter what heights of power they attain, allegedly marginalized members of the Cultural Marxist coalition will never admit they are not oppressed. On the contrary, the more victimhood works, the more it will be brandished. Barack Obama was made president mainly for being black; we were rewarded with the politicized racial animus that soon degenerated into Black Lives Matter. In Iceland, a woman is prime minister. Katrin Jakobsdóttir was not on the job Tuesday; she was on strike to protest being oppressed:

The prime minister of Iceland went on strike Tuesday in protest of gender discrimination.

Would Jakobsdóttir admit she isn’t oppressed if they made her Queen of Iceland? She would not.

The main grievance:

Women in Iceland earn approximately 10% less on average compared to their male counterparts, according to the World Economic Forum.

The WEF also tells us that we must eat larvae to please the climate and that we will own nothing and be happy.

Apparently Iceland has no real problems, so Jakobsdóttir focuses on a crisis that does not exist:

The widely debunked theory of a gender pay gap supposes that men and women earn the same amount of money for doing the exact same work. Total earnings often show a difference between genders without factoring in work hours, profession, or time lapses in a career.

Given that men tend to work more hours, gravitate to more remunerative professions, take fewer extended absences, et cetera, the miniscule 10% wage gap in Iceland suggests that women are being paid more for the same work compared to men.

Iceland consistently ranks at the top of equality indexes, however, including at the World Economic Forum where Jakobsdóttir wrote an article in 2017 boasting the country’s gender successes.

Maybe Iceland has a real problem after all. Its prime minister is in league with a sinister globalist cabal. She is listed as a WEF “agenda contributor.”

In 2020, the Icelandic leader said that in regard to “rebuilding and reimagining societies after COVID-19,” it was crucial to keep “gender & racial equality, democracy & social justice at the forefront.”

“Democracy” and “social justice” are ominous terms coming from Klaus Schwab acolytes.

At least Jakobsdóttir can explain away statistics showing the wage gap to be a load of crap. The algorithms were designed by men, who are sexists:

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