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May 22 2021

World Economic Forum: Let Them Eat Larvae

The World Economic Forum — the globalist conspirators behind the Great Reset that John Kerry promises the Biden Regime will impose in the name of Covid hysteria and the global warming hoax — has specific ideas on how we must live, including what we must eat. From its website:

The European Union (EU) has ruled that the larval stage of the Tenebrio molitor beetle, the mealworm, is safe for people to eat and it will shortly be on the market as a “novel food”.

EU researchers said that the worms, eaten whole or in powder form, are protein-rich, while the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said that edible insects “contain high-quality protein, vitamins and amino acids for humans”.

The WEF, EU, and UN have spoken. What can the little people do but obey and eat larvae?

First, they nudge. Then they dictate. In a future ruled by liberals, we will be forced to eat bugs and worms. We are told with a straight face that this will keep the climate from continuing to fluctuate as it always has and always will.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Meat: The Future report, keeping up with the demand for animal-derived protein could put meeting the [Sustainable Development Goals] and Paris Climate Agreement targets in jeopardy.

If eating bugs is good enough for starving people in the failed societies of Africa, it is good enough for you. Or are you a racist in need of cancelation?

In case you don’t want to eat bugs, our globalist overlords thoughtfully offer alternatives: lab-grown pseudofood made out of animal stem cells and protein alternatives derived from fungi.

Only a psychopathologist could explain why it is so important to elitists like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates that we be forced to eat insects and repulsive substances in place of food.

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