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Oct 28 2020

Privilege Versus Public Decency on Delta Flight

Even among the privileged in the age of Black Lives Matter, standards of decency can be maintained. But it isn’t easy:

A passenger was kicked off a Delta flight for wearing a hat that was deemed “inappropriate” by the airline.

The unnamed woman was wearing a baseball cap with the word “f***” emblazoned on it when she boarded the aircraft, before being asked to remove it by cabin crew.

All she had to do was agree not to put the obscene hat back on her head once the plane was in the air. She was too special to do this.

Congratulations, Black Lives Matter. You finally found evidence that blacks are oppressed:

Now Delta is pleading with people not think they are racist, and the captain is taking heat for not having a mask on and for his “condescending tone” toward a passenger who was behaving like a spoilt child.

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