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Aug 27 2020

Probation for Arson Near Police Precinct in Portland

One reason the rioting goes on and on for months on end is that the liberal media provides propaganda support. Another reason is that liberals largely control the legal apparatus. That’s why we read stories like this:

An 18-year-old was sentenced Wednesday to three years of probation for his role in a fire set outside the Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct during a tumultuous Black Lives Matter protest.

“A tumultuous Black Lives Matter protest” is media-ese for a particularly violent riot.

The case marks the first felony conviction for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office tied to the nightly demonstrations that began three months ago.

Nightly riots for 3 months straight and finally they have a felony conviction. The stern sentence of probation is sure to dissuade other rioters.

Rollin Tristan Fodor pleaded guilty to first-degree arson…

His court-appointed attorney, Alicia Hercher, said her client had attended multiple nights of protests against police violence and systemic racism in Portland “before he got caught up in this event.”

The mostly peaceful protests have become riots in Portland literally every night since May. Rollin must have figured that the odds were against the streak continuing. Once caught up in the event, he had no choice but to engage in arson, since individuals cannot be held responsible for their own behavior, per progressive ideology.

Rollin also faces a probation violation for an earlier robbery conviction. Funny how often the rioters, whom de facto presidential candidate Kamala Harris describes as a “new coalition of conscience” and “the heroes of our time,” have criminal records.

Speaking of arson and mostly peaceful protests on the Left Coast,

Seattle police officers were forced to kick their way out of an East Precinct exit door Monday night, after rioters jammed it with boards and rebar, and attempted to seal the door closed with quick-dry cement.

As the door was being jammed, surveillance video shows several other people building a fire outside the building near the exit door, in an attempt to set the building on fire.

Yet the media tells us the police are the bad guys, because they are “racist.”

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