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Dec 12 2022

Profiles in Affirmative Action: Karine Jean-Pierre

If Brittney Griner is worthy to be traded for the Merchant of Death while other Americans are left to rot in Russian labor camps, then Karine Jean-Pierre is worthy to be the White House Press Secretary. The two have identical qualifications: they are black lesbians. It is only a distraction to note that Jean-Pierre is so incompetent that she read one of her canned answers in response to the wrong question:

During a recent press briefing, Jean-Pierre was asked about Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s (D-N.H.) angry response to President Joe Biden’s support of a proposal to put South Carolina ahead of New Hampshire in the Democratic presidential primary process. But the press secretary, who infamously reads scripted answers from her giant binder full of notes, accidentally rattled off an answer about the Hatch Act.

“So, look, we honor — we honor the Hatch Act, as I mentioned many times before here, as we are talking about a potential election, a 2024 presidential election. But, looking backward, it is the ultimate irony, you know, that the 2020 election was proven by the Trump administration’s Homeland —” Jean-Pierre said before realizing she was reading the answer to a completely different question.

Behold the death of merit:

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