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Dec 01 2023

Profiles in Hysterical Moonbat Hypocrisy: William Shatner

Scotty, please beam up this kook:

“Star Trek” legend William Shatner issued a dire warning to King Charles on Wednesday, urging him to use his voice to warn about the consequences of climate change in his opening speech at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai.

You have to be exploring the final frontiers of moonbattery to be in a position to urge King Chucklehead further to the left on the global warming hoax.

“He’s got to say, ‘We’re all going to die.’ That’s what he should say to open up with. ‘Very quickly, we’re all going to die…'” the star told “Good Morning Britain.”

Captain Kirk must have gone over to the Klingons. He denounces his fellow humans:

Shatner, during his show appearance Wednesday, raved about the importance of life, warning that “stupid human beings” are “extinguishing” it.

Unlike we stupid people who don’t understand that life will be extinguished if we don’t help leftists achieve greater power by playing along with the global warming hoax, Shatner walks the walk by reducing his carbon emissions to the level of a caveman like us little people are supposed to do. Just kidding:

The 92-year-old actor, meanwhile, remains the oldest person ever to travel to space after embarking on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket in 2021. The event preceded Prince William’s criticism of space tourism, where he told the BBC people should “be focusing on this [planet]” instead of “heading out into space.”

Who is the most sanctimonious elitist climate kook of all? Maybe we’ll find out in Dubai, to which the globalist ruling class will travel by private jet from all over the world. Kamala “Heartbeat Away” Harris will be on hand at our expense.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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One Response to “Profiles in Hysterical Moonbat Hypocrisy: William Shatner”

  1. […] standard of living would not stop the climate from fluctuating, hysterical shrieks from morons like William Shatner notwithstanding. Even the kooks hobnobbing in Dubai know this, or they would hold a Zoom meeting […]


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