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Mar 13 2024

Race Becomes a Social Construct

The same moonbats who go out of their way to make everything about race sometimes bark that there is no such thing as race because it’s just a social construct, as if a Chinese couple could produce Trayvon Martin. Like everything else liberals pretend to believe, this is a lie — but maybe they can make it true. If the authorities can make men into women by altering their birth certificates, they can make blacks into whites:

As Twitchy suggests,

Maybe they didn’t vote for Joe Biden and therefore “ain’t black.”

Progressives have progressed since the days Robert Zimmerman was denounced by the media as a “white Hispanic.” Nowadays, Zimmerman would be a white non-Hispanic, like Genesse Ivonne Moreno, the transsexual moonbat from Latin America who recently opened fire in a Houston megachurch:

This reminds us that no statistics produced by the liberal establishment can be believed. Our rulers’ ideology is grounded on contempt for factual reality. They even lie about the weather. All information is twisted and transformed until it supports the Narrative.

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One Response to “Race Becomes a Social Construct”

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