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Mar 20 2023

Race-Pandering Katie Hobbs Upstaged by Rachel Dolezal

To grasp how much of a farce it is that left-wing ditz Katie Hobbs is now Governor of Arizona, consider this preposterous spectacle:

On Friday afternoon, Governor Katie Hobbs was joined by a group of black leaders and the former Rachel Dolezal, now Nkechi Amare Diallo, for the signing of an executive order banning racial discrimination based on a person’s hair in Arizona.

Rachel Dolezal is to racial impostors what Jussie Smollett is to hate hoaxers. Born of central European ancestry with blue eyes and straight blonde hair, she managed to become an NAACP chapter president and an instructor in Africana studies at Eastern Washington University before her fraud was revealed, ending her career as a professional black person. Astonishingly, she then doubled down on her tasteless racial impersonation, renaming herself with all the authenticity of Suzy Eddie Izzard.

The executive order will prohibit state agencies, and all new state contracts or subcontracts from discrimination based on hair texture and protective styles, such as braids, locs, twists, knots, and headwraps, in the workplace and in public schools to ensure protection against discrimination based on all race-based hairstyles.

Under our racially tiered justice system, anything that could be construed as “discrimination” against privileged blacks is already illegal. But new laws will accrue anyway, as leftist pols virtue signal their racial obeisance.

Here’s why Hobbs had to make a special show of bending the knee:

It is unknown how Dolezal/Amare Diallo managed to steal center stage from the governor, who has twice been found guilty by juries of discriminating against a black staff member of the Arizona Legislature.

The alleged victim is crybully Talonya Adams, who was fired despite being black. That even hardcore moonbats like Katie Hobbs are denounced for racism proves it is imaginary — unless you count racism against whites.

I didn’t realize Burger King still gives out those crowns.

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