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Sep 27 2022

Race Quota Could Nix Starlink in South Africa

Even after leftists like Joe Biden use immigration and welfare policy to achieve their stated objective of making whites a minority, the quotas, set-asides, and antiwhite discrimination collectively known as Affirmative Action will continue. The whites who created South Africa have been reduced to <9% of the population. Systemic racism against them is still so repressive that it appears to be preventing South African expat Elon Musk from providing Starlink Internet service:

South Africa’s estimated launch date for SpaceX’s high-speed, low-latency satellite Internet service Starlink has been changed from 2023 to “unknown”.

The delay in launching Starlink has been attributed to “regulatory hurdles.” At least some of the red tape is racial in nature:

South Africa’s telecoms regulator — the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) — previously told MyBroadband it would not issue any new licences to companies that are not 30% black owned, in line with new legislation for Internet service providers (ISPs).

Racial justice means it is better to go without than give business to white people.

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