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Apr 14 2023

Race Scholar Eric Stewart Forced Out of FSU

Some follow-up on Eric Stewart, who presumably exploited the prevailing Affirmative Action mentality to secure a position as Associate Professor at Florida State University, which he in turn exploited to publish fake data to prop up black oppression hogwash. So crude was the fakery that educrats were forced to show him the door:

A Florida State University criminology professor abruptly left his $190,000-a-year position following allegations that he fudged data on racism studies during his 16-year tenure.

You don’t leave a cushy taxpayer-subsidized job like that without someone’s shoeprint on the seat of your pants.

Stewart has had six studies retracted. The first one to draw attention used altered data to support his contention that the public demanded longer sentences for Criminals of Color as black and Hispanic populations grew.

True to type, Steward claimed that he was being “lynched” when repeated complaints about his scholarly fakery compelled educrats to grudgingly look into it.

He may be out $190,000 per year to generate propaganda on behalf of a poisonous ideology, but at least the apparent fabrication of fake racial animosity earns him a place on the Hate Hoax List.

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