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Dec 10 2020

Reimaging Police in DC

When leftists like Kamala Harris bark the Democrat talking point that we must “reimagine” police, the result looks something like this:

[A] “reformed” criminal hired by the District of Columbia’s chief legal officer to help curb violence has been arrested and charged with murder. The case involves a taxpayer-funded public safety program known as Cure the Streets launched by D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine to reduce gun violence by treating it as a disease that can be interrupted and stopped from spreading. Cure the Streets typically hires men and women with criminal histories as violence interrupters because they know first-hand about the challenges that residents of crime-infested communities live with. Racine, who was reelected to a second term in 2018, says the transformed criminals hired by his program perform community-driven public safety work that can avoid using police.

We have to avoid using the police, because according to liberal ideology local police are racist. So Democrats make flowery gestures as the streets run with blood. When the problem they have created gets bad enough, they will impose the solution: gun confiscation and federalized police.

The arrested violence interrupter is career criminal Cotey Wynn, whose résumé already included felony murder, first-degree murder, dealing cocaine, et cetera. He can now add a charge of second-degree murder while armed.

At the time of his arrest Wynn was under the supervision of the Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia, a federal agency that believes preventative detention should only be a last resort for defendants, who should live in the least restrictive conditions while awaiting court.

That belief has been driving the elimination of bail in Democrat strongholds like New York and Los Angeles, ensuring that more people like Wynn are unleashed on the public.

In a profile posted on the [DC] Attorney General’s website over the summer, Wynn was portrayed as somewhat of a saint. “When observing Cotey at work, you see a respected professional, a loving father, a devoted friend, and a pillar of the community,” according to the piece which includes a photo of the accused murderer delivering resources to D.C. residents during COIVD-19. The story also reveals that Wynn could not find a job after a decade in prison since “the damage to his reputation made it hard for him to find employment” so D.C. government hired him as a violence interrupter for Cure the Streets.

Then he allegedly shot 53-year-old Eric Linnair Wright and wound up back in jail. Moonbattery bashes its hull into the rocks of reality yet again.

No worries; Wynn is sure to be back on the streets before long, curing them and posing for profiles.

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