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Nov 17 2023

Result of Basing Immigration Policy on Moonbattery

Any country that wishes to continue existing has to control immigration. A sane country accepts immigrants on the basis of their likelihood of contributing to society. In contrast, a country run by moonbats accepts them on the basis of indulging in sexual perversion. The latter policy brings in guys like Saheed Azeez of Nigeria, granted asylum as a reward for proclaiming himself an oppressed homosexual:

Asylum seeker Saheed Azeez, 33, had been allowed to settle in the UK after claiming he faced persecution by Boko Haram militants – but after moving to the country he had three children with three women, marrying the third. He now says he is bisexual.

Contrary to the stereotype, Azeez didn’t just sit around collecting generous welfare payments. He’s an ambitious guy:

And as he settled in Wigan, Greater Manchester, Azeez began working with Nigerian fraudsters to establish a network of strangers for a ‘sophisticated and well resourced’ sales scam to steal items being sold on eBay, Facebook Marketplace and WhatsApp.

Azeez’s scamming went beyond presenting himself as homosexual so as to be granted asylum.

Victims selling high value goods would be persuaded to send their items to a number of addresses on the promise of being paid on arrival – but Azeez would simply pick up the goods and sell them in his brother’s electronics shop.

Over 14 months, up to 272 victims sent goods worth a combined £220,000 to the homes of strangers that Azeez persuaded to take part in the scam, giving his ‘partners’ a cut from each sale in return for taking delivery of the ill-gotten goods.

It somehow doesn’t seem right that the people running Britain’s immigration system don’t also get a cut.

Some will say this is an immigration success story. Even if Azeez isn’t really a homosexual, he is at least dissolute, checks the correct racial box, and is a criminal, placing him in three different identity groups likely to vote Labour. Why Tories go along with these policies remains a mystery.

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2 Responses to “Result of Basing Immigration Policy on Moonbattery”

  1. Jester says:

    Well, yeah. Homosexuals have been proven to almost always vote to the far-left, so therefore they’re always welcomed by the worldwide progressive establishment with open arms.

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