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Dec 08 2023

UK Immigration Authorities Get Tough for a Change

As Britain succumbs to Islamic conquest as a result of a moonbattery-based immigration policy that has allowed the native population to be displaced by hordes of welfare colonists from the Third World, here’s how the government treats assimilated immigrants from places like Italy:

An Italian grandmother who has lived in Britain for 42 years has been ordered to leave the UK – after a Home Office email was sent to her junk folder.

Leonarda Zarcone, 74 … and her husband Marcel Brunetto moved to the UK in 1981 and settled in Leicester where they bought a traditional British fish and chip shop and raised their three children.

Her application for settler status following Brexit resulted in a bureaucratic snafu. Her email client regarded bureauweenies’ demand for more proof that she has been living in Britain as spam, so she missed a deadline. Consequently,

Last month she received a letter from the Home Office ordering her to leave the UK or face prosecution or even forced deportation.

Too bad immigration authorities don’t focus their attention on the pro-Hamas mobs that defiled Remembrance Day. As we have seen in the USA, immigration enforcement is selective.

If you like the UK with Tories in charge, you will love it after societal decay reaches the point radically progressive Labour takes control. Considering that you can already get in trouble for flying the English flag, it won’t be long.

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