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May 10 2023

RFK Jr and Keith Olbermann on Guns

Our most fundamental right is the right to life. For adults, this means the right of self-defense. Liberals leap with appalling enthusiasm to exploit mass shootings to attack this right. Their shameless eagerness is a reminder of how essential it is that we defend it.

Even Robert F. Kennedy Jr, no conservative to put it mildly but at least a free thinker, understands that the right of self-defense does not cause mass murder, whether the weapon of choice is a car as with Darrell Brooks and George Alvarez or a gun as the media prefers. As he told Mark Stein:

“[I]t appears that almost every one of these shooters were on SSRIs or some other psychiatric drug, and this is only happening in America, where all these people are taking these psychiatric drugs. We take four times as many as any other country in the west, average European country. And there’s no time in history — I mean, we’ve always had guns in this country. Switzerland has more guns per capita than we do, and you don’t see that happening there. … Prior to the introduction of Prozac, these kind of — those shootings just were almost unknown. And now they’re, you know, they’re an everyday affair. But NIH will not study that because it will offend the pharmaceutical industry, and it’s something that we ought to be studying.”

The opposite of a free thinker is Keith Olbermann, former face of MSNBC. He projectile vomits the position of leftist true believers:

2nd amendment does not contain the word “own” or a synonym. You have no such right to own one and it wouldn’t do you any f***ing good. If guns made things safer we wouldn’t have mass shootings every hour, moron. Shove your gun up your ass.

It would be self-abasement to stoop to disputing this level of idiocy. You can read the Second Amendment for yourself, just as any reasonable person can figure out the need for the vulnerable to defend themselves, especially in a country run by liberals who allow violent criminals to run loose.

All kooks like Olbermann actually have to say is, “IF YOU ARE NOT A LEFTIST I HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU!” Letting them disarm us would not end well.

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