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Dec 06 2023

Santos Helps Fetterman Troll Menendez

George Soros, Barack Obama, and whoever else makes the decisions for the Democratic Party must have installed John Fetterman in the Senate in the belief that like Joe Biden he would be easy to manipulate as a result of his cognitive incapacitation. It isn’t turning out that way.

As Fetterman gradually recovers from his stroke, he has become a loose cannon, waving an Israeli flag at pro-Hamas progressives and reminding everyone that his fellow Democrat Senator Bob Menendez deserves ejection from office even more than fabulously gay Gretchen Whitmer lookalike George Santos — who provides an assist:

Former Rep. George Santos finally made history last week when he was expelled from Congress. Now he’s made history again as the first former congressperson to be used by Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania to troll Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey via Cameo. …

Menendez has been accused by federal prosecutors of taking bribes, including over $480,000 in cash, in exchange for secretly aiding the Egyptian government.

Menendez pushes the corruption envelope even by Democrat standards. Stolen gold bars have been found in his home. Worse, he allegedly has sex with child prostitutes.

On tips from Barry A.


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One Response to “Santos Helps Fetterman Troll Menendez”

  1. […] the government, the more corrupt. Gratifying as it would be to throw criminals like Joe Biden and Bob Menendez into prison where they belong, the only way to clean up the government is to reduce its size. […]


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