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Dec 07 2023

DeSantis Calls for Universities Not Taxpayers to Back Loans

If you don’t like being effectively enslaved so as to finance the extended adolescence of college students who pursue frequently worthless degrees instead of getting jobs, Ron DeSantis is your man:

‘I don’t support having a truck driver paying a student loan that got a degree in gender studies, that’s wrong, but I’m going to get to the root cause of the problem,’ DeSantis said.

He will do this by holding the universities responsible for backing the loans rather than taxpayers.

DeSantis’ demands for university-backed student loans comes just hours after Biden cancelled another $4.8 billion of student debt – despite the Supreme Court having struck down his plan to cancel $400 billion in debt in June.

You can see why Biden has openly considered packing the Supreme Court so that it can no longer defend the country from his handlers. In the meantime, he ignores it repeatedly.

Biden’s headstrong push for the relief program coincides with the looming 2024 election and desire to get young voters on board.

As with the welfare state, the Party of Big Government is buying votes with other people’s money.

The tactic illustrates a fundamental principle: the bigger the government, the more corrupt. Gratifying as it would be to throw criminals like Joe Biden and Bob Menendez into prison where they belong, the only way to clean up the government is to reduce its size. Ending its involvement in student loans would be a step in this direction.

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