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Sep 07 2021

Satanists Clarify Abortion Issue

Hats off to Satanists, for helping to clarify why leftists are so fanatical about the abortion issue. This is not just policy. To them, offering up innocent life as a sacrifice to the self-indulgent degeneracy they worship is a sacred act:

The Satanic Temple says it will sue to stop an abortion ban in Texas on the basis that it violates the right to freedom of religion.

The Texas law bans killing children not after they are born, but after their heartbeat can be detected. This impinges on the liberal sacrament of abortion.

Sounding like mainstream Democrats, the Devil worshipers bark:

“We encourage any member who resides in Texas and wishes to undergo the Satanic Abortion Ritual within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy to contact The Satanic Temple so we may help them fight this law directly.”

Other moonbats are doing their part too. Some are so hostile to innocent life that they have offered to fund trips out of Texas for the purpose of killing babies with a heartbeat. Eager to divert attention from the debacle in Afghanistan as it continues to unfold, Joe Biden (who blasphemously calls himself Catholic) has launched what he calls a “whole of government” effort to thwart the will of Texan voters.

The media is faced with the challenge of cranking the volume of pro-abortion propaganda even higher than they already had it. A Slate headline screeches that the Texas law against killing children has “sinister origins.”

A public service announcement from Lucifer.

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