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Sep 06 2021

Taliban Starts Taking Americans Hostage

Is there anyone on earth who didn’t see this coming?

The Taliban is preventing a plane carrying Americans from taking off from Mazar-i-Sharif International Airport in Northern Afghanistan, Republican Texas Rep. Michael McCaul said Sunday.

Rep McCaul informs us that “the Taliban is holding them hostage for demands.”

McCaul added that “zero” Americans have been able to leave the country since U.S. military forces left on Aug. 30.

Comparably surprising, the sun rose in the east this morning.

The Biden Administration bleats that there is nothing they can do about it because they do not control the airspace. So much for “over the horizon” terror prevention. This is why abandoning Bagram without first evacuating Americans crossed the line from incompetence into treason.

One look at the visibly weak Antony Blinken and you know what our government’s opening position will be: “Name your price.”

The hundreds if not thousands of Americans Biden irresponsibly abandoned in Afghanistan will cost us a pretty penny to buy back. That’s fine with our moonbat rulers. They don’t have to foot the bill. Like the lives they have ended or put at risk, the money soon to pour down on the Taliban like Niagara Falls belongs to Americans.

Hostages will also allow the Taliban to make various political demands that will be complied with obediently.

On the bright side, the Taliban doesn’t have nuclear weapons yet — although it may soon have enough money to acquire them. Or it may get nukes from Pakistan, which like Democrats could come to regret helping pure evil to power.

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