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Sep 03 2023

Save the Whales

Liberals aren’t into saving the whales anymore, so it is up to countermoonbats to rescue cetaceans from their primary threat: absurd green energy boondoggles:

The increase in whale, dolphin, and other cetacean deaths off the East Coast of the United States since 2016 is not due to the construction of large industrial wind turbines, U.S. government officials say.

As usual, the government is lying. Michael Shellenberg sounds the alarm, having executive produced the new documentary Thrown to the Wind:

The film documents surprisingly loud, high-decibel sonar emitted by wind industry vessels when measured with state-of-the-art hydrophones. And it shows that the wind industry’s increased boat traffic is correlated directly with specific whale deaths.

The deafening noise disorients whales and splits mothers from calves. Economically idiotic wind farms threaten the North Atlantic right whale with extinction.

Its population has dropped to 340 from over 400 over the last few years.

Wind turbines are not an efficient or reliable means of generating electricity. However, as Obama proved, they work well for laundering taxpayer money before distribution to campaign donors. Also, they serve as gigantic symbols of leftist hegemony. Whales don’t vote Democrat anyway, so our rulers don’t mind killing them off.

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