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Sep 05 2023

Bill Gates Schemes to Chop Down and Bury Millions of Trees

Psychotic malice? Or enviromoonbattery? At this point, there isn’t any difference:

[Creepy moonbat zillionaire Bill] Gates’s organization, Breakthrough Energy, has plowed $6.6 million into the project led by Kodama Systems.

The move will see 70m acres of forests, mostly in the Western United States, cut down.

After the trees have been chopped down, they will be buried.

According to the project organizers, “scientists” say “burying trees can reduce global warming.”

Trees are the climate’s enemy now.

Burying trees won’t improve the weather, but it can make people rich without generating any wealth whatsoever thanks to government intervention in the economy via carbon offsets.

Think what 70 million acres of lumber could do for rising housing prices. But no doubt housing offends the climate too, in addition to being racist.

As we have seen from their war on whales, there is no greater threat to the environment than enviromoonbats.

This isn’t even the most sinister plan supported by Gates, who also wants to address the imaginary crisis of climate fluctuation by reflecting the sun’s life-giving rays back into outer space.

Someone needs to infiltrate the next Davos confab and get the word to Bill Gates, John Kerry, et al. that the climate will be pleased if enough liberals simultaneously lick their own elbows. If we can keep our rulers harmlessly occupied, the forests will be safe.

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