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Dec 02 2022

Scott Weiner Hate Hoax

Belligerently homosexual California State Senator Scott Weiner is known for introducing the bill that made California a sanctuary state for the sexual mutilation of children and another that reduced the crime of knowingly infecting others with HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor, as well as for suggesting that drag queen story hours should be a mandatory part of K-12 education. Add to his list of misdeeds a hate hoax:

On Tuesday, conservative pundit Charlie Kirk made a Twitter thread pointing the finger at Weiner for contributing to the release of “thousands of pedophiles” in California “after just a few months in jail.”

Read more on California releasing child rapists after only token jail time here. This tweet leads to Kirk’s thread:

Weiner responded to the thread with a screen cap of a threat he claimed it inspired…

Except, there’s a cursor at the bottom of the message, and grammar suggestions are underlined – leading many to accuse the California lawmaker of faking the entire thing.

Point and laugh at the egg running down the hate hoaxer’s face:

Caught with his limp-wristed hand in the cookie jar, Weiner then claimed that he received the threat as a phone message and typed it. However, no one could hear his explanation above the laughter.

Once again, we see that the victimhood of militant sexual deviants is fake, and that it is a cudgel with which they attempt to beat others into submission.

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