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Mar 27 2024

Single Storm Wipes Out Thousands of Solar Panels

Another day, another green energy fail:

A hailstorm hammered thousands of solar panels at a Fort Bend County farm with emergency crews investigating, and neighbors worried whether any chemicals were leaking.

If you thought green energy is good for the environment, I have a bridge across the East River to sell you.

Experts said that most of the time, large solar farm panels are made of compound cadmium telluride.

You don’t want that in your well water.

It is a toxic substance that can cause kidney, heart, skin, and lung issues.

Solar panels in this area near Houston cover more than 10,000 acres.

At least no one will go broke over incidents like this until we all do, green energy projects being so heavily subsidized. But then, if they made any sense, they wouldn’t have to be.

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