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Sep 23 2021

Socialist Biden Aims to Erase Reaganism

To the extent Joe Biden actually exists as something other than a husk manipulated by shadowy forces behind the scenes, he is a Marxist — or as they euphemistically call themselves these days, a “democratic socialist.” That was clear even before the election, while the media was selling him as a moderate. It is all the clearer now

Daniel Henninger cites a speech Biden read off his teleprompter a week ago, pitching the budget-busting spending blowout intended to transition the USA away from free enterprise:

Partway through the speech, Mr. Biden felt obliged to assert: “I am a capitalist.”

There would be no reason to say that if it were true. The same goes for Biden’s denials that he is a socialist.

Barked Biden:

“Over the past 40 years, the wealthy have gotten wealthier, and too many corporations [blah blah blah].”

Forty years ago was 1981, the beginning of the Reagan era, when Americans turned away from leftist economic policy and unleashed the power of a relatively free economy.

The political purpose of the Build Back Better plan is to erase Reaganism forever.

Biden specifically denounced “trickle-down economics,” as they call economic freedom, when he introduced his potentially catastrophic budget in May.

The purpose of Reaganomics, as Jack Kemp put it, was to encourage everyone to participate in economic growth by working, saving, and investing. Biden’s policies punish all of these by paying people not to work, inflating the currency so as to destroy the value of savings, and jacking up capital gains taxes.

Biden predictably exploits the economic crisis that Big Government created with its tyrannical overreaction to Covid, absurdly crowing that the government has restored the economy. The damage inflicted by his War on Energy is blamed on capitalists:

Rising gas prices are caused by “pandemic profiteers.” He rails against “corporations” a dozen times. In fact, this Biden speech sounds similar to Xi Jinping’s recent attacks on China’s private sector.

No more getting Big Government off its back so that the private sector can make the economy grow.

Instead, he is the economy. He will “create” new jobs and even new industries. This refers to his proposed billions in subsidies for manufacturing solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles and charging stations, and retrofitting homes and commercial real estate. By government order, current, carbon-intensive industries will disappear.

If this is giving you déjà vu, you may be thinking of the pie-in-the-sky fantasies imposed in Asia by Biden’s fellow Marxists Mao Zedong and Pol Pot. In both cases, the result was mass starvation.

Progressives are moving the ratchet toward straightforward communism by larger increments than previously. It won’t be long before gargantuan wasteful spending combined with suffocating taxation causes the economy to collapse as planned.

That’s when the transition to a Soviet-style economy can be made complete. Then the power of Biden and his handlers will be absolute.

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