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Dec 03 2021

Spending Bill Gives Dems Power to Inflict Green Tyranny

Imagine your country reduced to an impoverished hellhole because vast authoritarian power was turned over to the mediocre mayor of a small city who is a dead ringer for Alfred E. Newman and whose only qualification for higher political office is being ostentatiously gay. That is the situation we will find ourselves in if Democrats are able to ram through their latest gargantuan spending bill.

From the Wall Street Journal:

One provision would give the Federal Highway Administration $50 million “to establish a greenhouse gas performance measure that requires States to set performance targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” The agency would also “establish an incentive structure to reward States that demonstrate the most significant progress”—and “consequences” for those that don’t meet the standard.

The performance targets are likely to become progressively more Draconian until states are forced to forbid any productive activity, lest harmless CO2 be released, helping plants to grow.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg would have broad discretion over the program’s rules.

Who died and made Mayor Pete the czar in charge of whether we can drive cars? Lady Liberty.

He’s likely to require states to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles by heavily subsidizing electric cars or banning internal combustion engines. Mr. Buttigieg could withhold funds from states or require that they spend money on bike paths and public transit. States that exceed the emissions target could get more money to subsidize EVs or bullet trains.

Where the electricity will come from to power the EVs remains a mystery. The same goes for the rare materials needed to make their batteries. Refer to California to see how vast a fortune liberals can flush down a bullet train boondoggle. Forcing people onto public transit while flooding the country with millions of illegal aliens does not sound like an effective plan for getting Covid under control. But at least, as the economy is smothered by taxation, inflation, and hyperregulation, we will have lots of bike paths, which ought to be paved with gold, considering how much they will cost us.

The program may be unconstitutional since it would conscript states into carrying out federal policy.

That would give Democrats yet another reason to pack the Supreme Court with Merrick Garland types, an intention they have made clear.

Buttigieg doesn’t get all the power. More authority will also go to the Deep State:

The bill also gives the Environmental Protection Agency $50 million to regulate greenhouse gases economy-wide under the Clean Air Act. This includes smelters, refineries, steel mills, concrete factories, tractors, chain-saws, airplanes, ice rinks, air conditioners and even vending machines—no joke.

This gives an idea of the kind of power compliant Supremes can grant Democrats:

In Massachusetts v. EPA (2007), the Supreme Court allowed EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions as an “air pollutant” under the Clean Air Act if it found the emissions endangered public health or welfare. Four Justices dissented, and the Court recently agreed to hear a challenge to the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases from power plants. The case gives the Justices an opportunity to revisit Massachusetts v. EPA, and Democrats want to prevent that by explicitly authorizing the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases.

Massachusetts v. EPA gives the federal government the power to regulate the breath you exhale on the basis of the politically driven doctrine that CO2 is harmful. Packing the court would allow this insane ruling to stay in place indefinitely, no matter how much senseless economic damage is caused. No wonder Democrats love the idea.

What else is hidden in the 2,400-page bill? As with the ObamaCare debacle, we won’t know what’s in it until after it has been rammed down our throats.

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