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Apr 16 2022

Star Trek Implodes Into Black Hole of Moonbattery

How insufferably, ham-fistedly left-wing are recent incarnations of Star Trek? This gives an idea:

A couple recent episodes of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Picard featured Starfleet crew members traveling back in time to present day to beat up U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, free a busload of illegal immigrants on their way to be deported, and lecture that racism just “took off a hood and put on a suit” in the early 21st Century.

Imagine sitting through an entire episode of this:

Not that anyone expects science fiction TV shows to be realistic, but unless we really do get serious about securing the border, space travelers of the future will be speaking Chinese or Russian, not English. The USA will be a hand-to-mouth Third World hellhole within a couple of generations, incapable of feeding itself, much less exploring the final frontier.

As NewsBusters notes,

Repeatedly using the phrase “disappeared” when talking about ICE lawfully deporting illegal immigrants is outrageous. The idea of “disappearing” someone comes from authoritarian regimes that would arrest people and either throw them in prison without charges or, more likely, murder them and depose of the body.

But no calumny against America is too far over the top for the moonbats responsible for television programming.

If you managed to sit through the video above and think you can take more, watch Admiral Jean-Luc Picard plead with an Afro-American space alien to have patience with the defective human race for not yet having achieved sufficient political correctness:

That almost tops Star Trek: Discovery featuring race-baiting proponent of election fraud Stacey Abrams (who may still imagine herself to be the Governor of Georgia) as President of United Earth.

One advantage of TV programming evoking the gag reflex by ramming wokeness down the audience’s throat is that while moonbats grow dumber and lazier by vegetating in front of the screen, the rest of us will find more constructive uses for our time.

The problem is, little kids growing up immersed in this crap won’t know that it is crap.

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