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Dec 09 2020

Street Names Get Woke

There is to be no escape from moonbattery. Everything people see, even when they aren’t looking at a screen, must enforce that they swim in a sea of leftist politics. In the UK, Birmingham is renaming streets accordingly:

After Birmingham City Council invited members of the public to come up with new street names for a regeneration scheme, winners included “Diversity Grove” and “Equality Road”. …

Louise Kilbride, the woman whose suggested street names were chosen by a panel of judges, said she wanted them to “reflect the diversity of the Perry Barr area.”

The street-renaming phenomenon, possibly borrowed from the Chinese Cultural Revolution, goes beyond dangerous neighborhoods in Birmingham.

Meanwhile, in France, President Macron has “called for the creation of a list of 300 to 500 “Black or Arab historical figures” who should have public places, monuments and streets named after them.”

Here’s one for the top of the list: Aboulakh Anzorov, the Islamist maniac who beheaded teacher Samuel Paty for showing Mohammad cartoons while teaching about the dying conception of free speech. No wait, Aboulakh won’t do; Chechens are white. How about Abdelhamid Abaaoud, Arab mastermind of the Bataclan bloodbath?

Changing street names serves multiple purposes. It promotes the overall propaganda effort intended to make moonbattery ubiquitous, normalizing what was only recently regarded as radical. Particularly in France’s case, it is a gesture of submission to foreign conquerors. Most gratifying of all for the leftists in charge, it is a finger in the eye of the people who find their ideology revolting.

On a tip from Lyle.


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