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Jan 20 2022

Teacher: I Was Fired for Not Accepting Boy as Cat

If boys can identify as girls and girls as boys, and teachers are compelled to play along, why shouldn’t they identify as cats?

A woman who was working as a substitute teacher posted a video to social media alleging she was fired by school officials for not “identifying with” a student who “identifies as a cat” after she refused to meow back at the child in class.

A little girl in the front row informed her that she was supposed to meow back at the meowing boy, who presents himself as a cat. Instead, she made a crack about there being a litterbox in the room, sending the kid storming out.

A boy is no less a cat than he is a girl, and forcing the teacher to meow might be even more satisfying for kids than forcing her to use the wrong pronouns. More satisfying still might be getting her fired for refusing to obey them.

Presenting the teacher’s unconfirmed side of the story:

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