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Feb 02 2022

Black Lives Matter Indoctrination in School

Vicious hostility toward Caucasians, property rights, and the police is only the beginning of the malice from Black Lives Matter, the social justice group most beloved by the liberal establishment. During the 2020 epidemic of BLM riots, these radicals pulled from their website their policy of fundamentally transforming society by abolishing the family, because even at a time when the media cheered on looting and arson, this was deemed better kept on the down low. Now this agenda item is back in the open, as BLM activists work with the progressives running schools to indoctrinate children as young as kindergarten during the Week of Action:

The activist-driven curriculum for the Week of Action, which kicked off Monday, is based off the 13 “Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles.” Those principles include a commitment to restorative justice, being transgender affirming and queer affirming, creating space for black families that is “free from patriarchal practices,” and “the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the ‘collective village’ that takes care of each other.”

Depraved variants of critical theory created by the gibbering lunatics who infest academia are stripped down to child-friendly versions suitable for inculcation.

The Week of Action also includes a list of four national demands: end zero-tolerance discipline policies; mandate black history and ethnic studies; hire more black teachers; and fund counselors, not cops, according to a “starter kit” on the Black Lives Matter at School website.

No doubt kids will be encouraged to agitate on behalf of these demands. Abolishing disciplinary policies is sure to appeal to youths with behavioral problems who prevent others from learning in a secure environment.

From the starter kit:

“Everyone gets to choose if they are a girl or a boy or both or neither or something else, and no one else gets to choose for them.”

Children might demand to be regarded as a cat — or a walrus.

It seemed that even little kids understand there are fundamental differences between boys and girls. Yet the social engineers driving the phenomenon of transsexual children have met with alarming success, derailing many young minds.

Other aspects of BLM ideology are no less harmful. The nuclear family is downgraded to the level of other living arrangements. After all, “there are lots of different kinds of families.”

This pernicious indoctrination will be inflicted throughout the country. In addition to local teachers unions in places like NYC, Chicago, and Seattle, Black Lives Matter at School is endorsed by the National Education Association.

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