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Nov 02 2023

Teacher Shouts “Hail Satan” While Waving Pitchfork

Mesa, Arizona has been said to be to conservatives what San Francisco is to liberals. But moonbats have been making inroads:

Sophomore Nathaniel Hamlet told KPNX-TV he walked into his Mesa High School class last Wednesday and noticed his teacher wearing devil horns and carrying a pitchfork.

Hamlet alleged to the station that his teacher proceeded to wave the pitchfork over students’ heads as they entered the classroom and said “hail Satan” to them.

The teacher appears to favor repetition as an instructional approach:

“I said, ‘Don’t do that to me,’ and I pushed [the pitchfork] away, maybe three or four times, and he still said it and still did it,” Hamlet recounted to KPNX.

No doubt this was supposed to be funny, but given the depraved sexual ideology public schools have been pushing on kids, not everybody was laughing. It could be that Hamlet was targeted for special attention because his father has run as a conservative school board candidate.

This being Mesa and not San Francisco, the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave. If it were San Francisco, he would have gotten a promotion and Hamlet would have been suspended for complaining.

On tips from Wiggins and ABC of the ANC.


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